Recently the team took on their biggest – and most complicated – build to date. Click to read about the Grenfell Build.

  • Proper Healthy Food Book Tour

    Check Nick's blog for details of his Proper Healthy Food Book Tour

  • Golden Years the OAP 'heist with heart movie' released on DVD and Amazon

    Golden Years the OAP 'heist with heart movie' released on DVD and Amazon

  • Proper Healthy Food - Hearty Vegan and Vegetarian Recipes for Meat Lovers

About Nick

  • Nick Solo

    Nick was born in London and raised in Southall by his parents Pat and Eddie. He has one brother, John, and three sisters; Angela, Sheila and Karen.

    Nick credits his large, loving family for their unconditional support whilst he made up his mind which career to pursue. He briefly pursued careers in rugby, music and acting before discovering his passion for writing, directing and presenting TV.

    Nick has four children, Charles, Tuesday, TJ and Eddie.

  • Nick Knowles is one of the UK’s highest rated TV presenters and an RTS award-winning writer.

    Over the past twelve years he has hosted BBC1 prime time Saturday night quiz shows Break the Safe, Secret Fortune and Who Dares Wins and he is the presenter of BBC1’s most watched and longest running prime time factual series DIY SOS – The Big Build, which celebrates its 20th anniversary in 2019. Nick appeared as a contestant in the 2018 ‘I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here’ winning a new legion of ITV fans.

    His list of successful formats on all channels is extensive.

    His first screenplay, ‘Golden Years’ was released, to high acclaim, in cinemas in 2016 and he is currently finishing his second.

    He wrote a cookbook in 2016 and released an album with Universal in 2017.

    Exclusively contracted to BBC1 as a presenter and writer for the last 10 years, he penned the Royal Television Society awarded Historionics, best original drama. He is now free of exclusivity and is developing formats for other channels whilst continuing his returning series for the BBC.

    Before working for the BBC, Nick worked as a journalist and producer in the UK, Australia and America.

    Whether he’s mucking in with the real builders on DIY SOS, getting suited and booted as the suave host of his Saturday night quiz shows, or writing movies or cookbooks, Nick’s versatility is evident.


DIY SOS: The Big Build

Now in its 19th year, the nation’s favourite factual entertainment programme continues to recruit friends, family and local trades to improve the homes and lives of families across Britain.

DIY SOS has won the hearts and trust of the nation and it is due to this that so many local trades turn up to each job and volunteer their skills and time for free. Nick is keen to stress that the show would not be possible without them.

The Team

Nick Knowles – Presenter, DIY avoider and tea boy.

Billy Byrne – The electrician. Billy lives in his beloved Welwyn Garden city with his wife Elaine.

Chris Frediani – Plasterer and builder. Born in Cornwall but brought up in Devon, Chris still resides there with his wife ‘lucky’ Claire and their three children.

Julian Perryman – Builder and plasterer. Julian has lived in Devon all his life and it was there he met childhood friend Chris Frediani. Julian lives with his wife Sarah and their two daughters.

Mark Millar – Builder. Irish born Mark is the build manager and the tallest member of the team.

All DIY SOS applications and enquiries must be processed through the BBC – click here for the BBC website application page or apply by post to: DIY SOS Applications, PO Box 3239, Bristol BS8 9HH

Nick is not involved with the application process.

“Just for the record: I do not do DIY at home and I will not do your bathroom if you meet me in a pub”


Recently the team took on their biggest – and most complicated – build to date. To read more about the Grenfell Build please click here.

Who Dares Wins

Nick has presented eleven series of this hugely popular, high-tension BBC One Saturday night quiz show.  With another series filming early next year, the quiz sees two teams of complete strangers put their general knowledge and nerve to the ultimate test as they compete to win £50,000.00.  Click here if you would like to appear on the show.

Mind Over Marathon

One in four people in the UK experience a mental health problem, yet despite being so widespread, people rarely talk openly or candidly about it. For those who have these difficulties, this stigma can exacerbate their situation and make it harder to recover.

In this two-part series, a group of ten unlikely runners living with or affected by different mental health issues train for the ultimate test of mind over matter. They’ll compete in one of the world’s most famous endurance races – the 2017 London Marathon.


To watch some of the runners’ stories please click here.


Perfection is an exciting true or false quiz show where contestants must achieve 100% accuracy to win a cash prize.

Sort the fact from the fiction and the contestant will win. If they slip up they may have to rely on their co-players for help – but help comes at a cost. Are the co-players double bluffing? One thousand pounds is up for grabs in each game, but only if the players achieve absolute Perfection.


5 Star Family Reunion

5 Star Family Reunion is a heart felt quiz which will see a UK family and their long-lost overseas relatives working together, to win a once-in-a-lifetime reunion in a five-star location.

Overseas, the family must answer questions to win as much time as they possibly can for the family in studio. That’s because the four in studio will individually face questions against the show’s high-tension timer in a bid to put money in the bank and bring everyone together. If they can prove themselves under pressure, then they are in for the reunion of a lifetime!




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All Press Enquiries to Megan Carver – 020 7272 0877

My agent is John Miles – 01275 856770 / 07771 548121

My PA is Charlotte Cochrane 07711 125 500

Please do not contact Charlotte for DIY SOS enquiries, all enquiries must be dealt with by the BBC.

For DIY SOS applications click here for the BBC website application page or apply by post to: DIY SOS Applications, PO Box 3239, Bristol BS8 9HH

Nick is not involved with the application process.



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