Nick Knowles to release debut album – ‘Every Kind of People’

default_59c9354bb9bf6_sq_59c9354be20e2Nick Knowles has signed to UMC/Universal Music, to release his debut album, ‘Every Kind of People’, on November 3rd 2017.

The perfect winter soundtrack, Nick’s rich timbre and beautiful songs, lends itself to crisp dark nights and roaring fires. Each track deeply personal to him, Nick has put his unique spin on his favourite songs from artists including Robert Palmer, John Mayer, Joni Mitchell and The Beatles.

The much-loved TV presenter learnt to play the guitar when he was just 14-years-old and music has always been a huge passion in Nick’s life. So much so, that he very nearly signed a record deal when he was younger but decided to concentrate on television presenting, opting instead to play his music privately or occasionally joining his musician brother on stage at his gigs.

It was at one of these intimate performances earlier this year that a music executive heard him sing ‘Make Me Feel My Love’. Spotting his natural talent, they insisted on introducing him to an A&R contact and 20 years after he was first spotted, Nick signed to UMC/Universal Music.

Nick explained: “Music has always been a major part of my life since I picked up a guitar when I was 14 but it’s always been a private thing. I’ve turned up at gigs without anybody knowing and plugged in my guitar. Weirdly when I’m away filming with the BBC, lots of the crew play guitars and we sing when we are in hotels rooms. I even found myself on the rooftop of a Soho hotel with Biffy Clyro after the NME Awards and ended up playing songs until 5 o’clock in the morning. We were playing everything from their tracks to to John Denver. Music has always been there in the background I’ve just never had it out in the front.”

One of the UK’s highest rating TV presenters, Nick Knowles has 10 million people tuning in each week to watch his BBC primetime shows. With over 25 years’ experience on screen, Nick is best known for presenting ‘DIY SOS’, BBC1’s most watched and longest running prime time factual series.

But while he is instantly recognisable from screen, Nick kept his unique voice and impressive musical talents hidden from the public until now.

He explained: “I have a very different voice to pop, so it was important for me that this album had to come from me and was songs that I’ve played over the years. ‘Make You Feel My Love’ was the first song I performed for Universal, so it was this song that convinced us all that we should make an album. The Adele version is probably best known, but of course it was originally a Bob Dylan track. It had a deeper voice on it and it is full of real emotion.”

‘Every Kind of People’ by Nick Knowles is available widely on November 3rd 2017

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